A photo of the AA222 tympanometer and audiometer from Interacoustics
A photo of the AA222 tympanometer and audiometer from Interacoustics


Tympanometry and audiometry made perfect

AA222 is a combined tympanometer and audiometer. The combination of tympanometry and audiometry in one device offers all the diagnostic tympanometry and audiometry tests needed in your clinic.
  • 10" adjustable display and HDMI output.
  • Reflex tests and reflex decay.
  • Direct printing to PC printers.
  • User-defined protocols.
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Test battery

With the AA222, you can create your own tympanometry test protocols. AA222 is available in two versions.


  • 226 Hz tympanometry.
  • Ipsilateral acoustic reflex testing.
  • Contralateral acoustic reflex testing.
  • Eustachian tube function (ETF) test in non-perforated tympanic membranes.
  • ETF test in perforated tympanic membranes.
  • Reflex decay.


  • Basic AA222.
  • 678, 800 and 1000 Hz tympanometry.
  • Manual tympanometry.
  • ETF test in Patulous Eustachian tube (PET).
  • Reflex latency.


  • Air and bone conduction.
  • Stenger test.
  • Short increment sensitivity index (SISI).
  • Modified Hughson-Westlake.
  • Weber test.
  • Speech CD, built-in speech materials, and live voice.
  • Free-field audiometry.
  • Optional quick speech-in-noise (QuickSIN).
  • Optional binaural speech.

Great test result overview

The 10" adjustable display provides a great overview of the measurements where you can see several test results on the same screen. You can tip and adjust the screen to avoid light reflection. The HDMI output also allows you to show test results on large screens, which can be useful for client counseling and in educational settings.

Diagnostic and clinical probe systems

AA222 comes with two different probes, each ideal in certain clinical situations.

The diagnostic probe is handheld and ideal for quick tympanograms and acoustic reflex screening. The clinical probe is ideal for more lengthy assessments where stability is important and any interference from extraneous noise should be avoided.

You can choose to have both probe systems included with your AA222. It is quick and easy to change between the two probe systems. You can place the clinical probe shoulder box on your client by using the optional headband, clips, or key hanger.

Probe status is displayed on the probe shoulder box for both probe systems. This enables you to keep your focus on the client. Both probe types only need a simple button press to alternate between ears.

Female clinician inserting probe into young female patient’s ear
Young female patient smiling with probe in ear

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