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Why perform reflex measurements?

The acoustic reflex is the contraction of the stapedius muscle elicited by the presentation of an acoustically loud sound.

When either ear is presented with a loud sound, the stapedius muscles on both sides contract.

How to setup eSRT protocol?

Electrical Evoked Stapedial Reflex Thresholds (eSRT) can be a very useful objective measure for the upper stimulus levels during the programming of a cochlear implant.
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"Besides the Eclipse we also use the Titan in the clinic as well in hospital evaluations. As the name describes it is a “super” equipment, modular and very powerful."

Marcelo Ribeiro de Toledo Piza
MD, MSc, Brazil

"The hybrid interface is the way of the future."

David A. Geddes
Aud Audiology Supervisor, Health Partners, MN, USA

"The Titan with the Wideband Tympanometry feature has proven to be clinically beneficial in our busy ENT setting. We have found that the Average Tympanograms produce a more consistent and clear picture of the related pathology."

Jon Schee - (Stockphoto)
Aud, MN, USA

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