Training in OAE

Pressurized Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs): A Deep Dive

30 - 60 mins
09 February 2022


This webinar provides an understanding of the mechanisms and limitations of OAEs, the benefits of measuring OAEs at peak pressure, and provides a comparison with non pressurized OAEs.


John Ellison
John is educated in Audiology, Hearing Science and Acoustics. Over the last 15 years he has worked at Boys Town National Research Hospital and Starkey Hearing Technologies. He has contributed to an extensive body of research including predictive diagnostic methods involving middle-ear and cochlear responses. John has also worked to find methods of improving speech intelligibility in challenging listening environments via multi-microphone and noise reduction technologies. Joined the Interacoustics Academy in 2016 as an Audiology Product Specialist. He continues to work in the audiological medical device industry as a Senior Behavioural Research Scientist.

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