Training in OAE

Deep Dive into Weighted Averaging and DPOAE

30 - 60 mins
07 February 2022


In this webinar, Dr Peter Bray, OAE specialist, provides some technical insights into OAE measurements, including the advantages of weighted averaging for OAE measurements, and a discussion of the fine structure of DPOAE measurements.


Photo of Dr. Peter Bray, Ph.D.
Dr. Peter Bray, Ph.D.
After obtaining a Medical Physics degree, Peter Bray worked for 5 years as a researcher in David Kemp's team at University College London. This led to a PhD in Biophysics and the design of the ILO88 TEOAE instrument. The following 25 years were spent providing R&D services at Otodynamics designing TEOAE and DPOAE instrumentation. Then, in 2014, Peter joined Interacoustics as an OAE specialist and data scientist working on the full range of OAE topics in addition to ASSR screening technology.

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