Getting started: Real ear measurements

This course will explore the basics and fundamentals of performing real ear measurement (REM) for hearing aid verification, including how to calibrate and insert the probe microphone and perform the key steps to an effective hearing aid verification.
30 - 60 mins
28 February 2023


Learning Objectives

  • Describe the different stages and steps involved in performing real ear measurements
  • Explain how to prepare for real ear measurements, including probe tube calibration and placement in the ear
  • Perform, inspect and adjust insitu measurement curves for hearing aid verification


Jack Bennett
Jack is an Audiologist from the UK and has worked in the NHS and privately in senior, managerial and clinical training roles. He holds an undergraduate degree in Audiology from Aston University where he is now a visiting teaching fellow focusing on clinical topics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Jack also lectures at a number of other universities in the UK on a wide variety of clinic and basic science topics alongside his work as an International Clinical Trainer at the Interacoustics Academy.

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