How to Improve the SNR in Children with Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

10 - 30 mins
22 July 2022


In this video, taken from the 3rd Annual Trends in Pediatrics course held in May 2022, you will learn how to use and verify FM systems and remote microphones to improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for children wearing hearing aids.


Jack Bennett
Jack is an Audiologist from the UK and has worked in the NHS and privately in senior, managerial and clinical training roles. He holds an undergraduate degree in Audiology from Aston University where he is now a visiting teaching fellow focusing on clinical topics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Jack also lectures at a number of other universities in the UK on a wide variety of clinic and basic science topics alongside his work as an International Clinical Trainer at the Interacoustics Academy.

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