Course: Advances in Pediatric Vestibular Assessment

1 - 2 hours
09 February 2022


In this course, taken from our 4 day Trends in Balance 2021 event , Dr. Sharon Cushing and Dr. Violette Lavender present on the exciting topic of vestibular and balance testing in the pediatric population.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the prevalence of vestibular dysfunction in children with sensorineural hearing loss and its relationship to etiology.
  • Observe the impact vestibular dysfunction has on balance, development and outcomes in children receiving rehabilitation for their hearing loss.
  • Consider potential therapeutic mechanisms for the treatments of vestibular and balance dysfunction in children with hearing loss.


Dr. Sharon Cushing, Ph.D.
Dr. Sharon Cushing is a full time paediatric otolaryngologist who joined the staff at SickKids in September of 2010. Her research interests include vestibular and balance function and dysfunction in children, and its association with hearing loss and cochlear implantation. Dr. Cushing completed her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, followed by medical school and residency training at the University of Toronto, where she also completed a Master of Science degree examining vestibular function and balance in children with hearing loss.
Dr. Violette Lavender, Ph.D.
Dr Violette Lavender has been working with children who have vestibular disorders for more than 10 years. Dr Lavender enjoys research and clinical endeavors focused on making the vestibular test battery accessible for young children. Dr Lavender has presented at both the state and national level on the topic on the topic of Pediatric Vestibular Assessment and was the recipient of the Judy Gravel Lecture in Pediatrics Award in 2018.

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