About Interacoustics

More than state-of-the-art solutions

Interacoustics is a world-leading supplier of diagnostic hearing and balance solutions. For more than 50 years, we have been providing hearing healthcare professionals with precise and fast tools to assess their patients’ hearing and balance.

Our mission is as clear as it is demanding. We want to lead the way in audiology and balance by translating complexity into clarity.

  • Challenges made into clear solutions
  • Knowledge made practical
  • Invisible hearing and balance conditions made tangible and treatable
Our Promise

More than 50 years’ of experience

As the industry leader, we combine our global knowledge and experience to create strong local setups that support specific market needs.

We offer innovative and easy-to-use solutions that ease the lives of healthcare professionals.

We provide an attractive workplace for the industry's best and brightest, allowing us to set the standard for an entire industry. Not for the sake of science. But for the sake of enabling professionals to provide excellent treatment for their millions of patients across the globe.

It's simply science made smarter.

Interacoustics at a glance

800 employees worldwide – 200 of them in DK

Sales in more than 100 countries – 25 own sales companies

Extensive growth since 1967 – today the world’s leading manufacturer

Science made smarter’ is not just a vision. It’s a brand promise that communicates bravery and leadership and sets us apart from others in the hearing healthcare industry.

Science made smarter

Science represents the innovative, technological approach to our solutions; complex engineering, code, digital processing and algorithms that we use to develop new products and maintain existing.

Made communicates the interchangeable opposites that enhance how we transform the complex into something easier, simpler, and smarter.

Smarter describes how we transform science into quality and reliable solutions that are easy to use, undemanding, fast and precise.

Science made smarter

Our mission statement that supports our leading position in diagnostic hearing and balance
We Care

Reliable and user-friendly solutions

Driven by the wish to make a difference in hearing healthcare, we create tomorrow’s diagnostic solutions based on ‘Science made smarter’.
  • Advanced technology – simple usability
  • Engineering – with the heart
  • Premium brand – at eye level

Our values

"Science made smarter" is a fundamental promise to our customers, supported by our 4 values that create a mutual understanding of our culture and DNA.

We create trust

We value the opinions of our customers and colleagues. We promote a work environment based on inclusion, honesty, integrity and respect. We always keep our promises.

We are team players

We collaborate and network effectively. We take initiative and help each other to achieve our ambitious goals.

We create innovative solutions

We challenge ourselves to improve and find new, value-adding solutions. We are curious to share ideas and insights to increase our collective innovativeness.

We apply a can-do-attitude

We always look for opportunities to win the business and do our best to add value to our customers. We find solutions and act.

Leading the way to a sustainable world

  • ISO 14001 certified environmental management system in our production
  • Ongoing projects to reduce waste – e.g. packaging materials
  • Climate-friendly initiatives – e.g. focus on limiting food waste in the canteen

Made magazine

Our made magazines show you how and why we are more than state-of-the-art solutions.
Balance made magazine cover

Vol. 3 Proper balance assessment and rehabilitation is crucial for the wellbeing of dizzy patients. The 3rd generation of the Micromedical VisualEyesTM by Interacoustics offers videonystagmography, video head impulse testing and rotary chair testing in one comprehensive system.

Vol. 2 Hearing aid fitting is an important discipline within the field of audiology. Affinity Compact is Interacoustics’ latest contribution. Our new solution is the outcome of many years of experience.
This is an image of the Made Magazine volume 1
Vol. 1 'Science made smarter' is not just a vision. It's a brand promise that communicates leadership and innovation, and sets us apart from others in the hearing healthcare industry.
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