A photo of the EyeSeeCam vHIT from Interacoustics
A photo of the EyeSeeCam vHIT from Interacoustics

EyeSeeCam vHIT

For quick and objective measurements of the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) and efficiently assessing the 'dizzy' patient and determine if the dizziness is related to a vestibular disorder.
  • Lightweight & superior goggle design to reduce slippage
  • Flexible camera allows for testing of right or left eye
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Quick & objective measurements

Abnormal result showing covert saccades and reduced gain on the left side indicating a left peripheral vestibular weakness. Also features an easy guide to let you know when your head impulses are accurate and therefore included in the calculation.

EyeSeeCam vHIT captures this abnormal eye movement, displays the head and eye movements simultaneously in realtime, analyzes the data and then provides a simple graphical presentation of the results. This information is then used to determine further recommendations for the care of the patient.


The vHIT is a measure of the patient’s vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) in response to head movement. A patient with a healthy vestibular system should be able to keep his eyes focused on a stationary target, even if the head is in motion.


In patients with vestibular dysfunction, when the head moves, the eyes will move with the head, requiring a corrective movement back to the target (this is known as a “catch-up saccade”).

The goggle

The EyeSeeCam goggle has been designed specifically with the Head Impulse Test in mind. Its lightweight, non-slip design helps minimize errors caused by goggle slippage, and the ability to perform tests on both left and right eye offers maximum flexibility.
  • Guides and 3D head model for accuracy and guidance
  • Built in SHIMP protocol (Suppression Head Impulse Test)
  • Saccade editor and numerical data display
  • USB interface to the computer. No other hardware required.
  • Built-in inertial measurement unit (IMU) for accurate assessment of head movements in all planes.
  • Built-in laser calibration lights for fast and simple calibration, anywhere.
  • Interchangeable ball and socket cameras for testing either eye.
  • High speed camera for superior eye tracking.
  • Camera stabilizers for more stable image.

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