This is a photo of TRV chair from Interacoustics
This is a photo of TRV chair from Interacoustics

TRV chair

Unique chair for diagnosing and treating Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).
Thanks to its perfect balance, the TRV chair allows the examiner to easily rotate the patient 360 degrees along the plane of each semicircular canals (scc) and to hold the patient in any position for detailed examination of the semicircular canals.
  • Easy to operate and diagnose
  • Safe and secure
  • Innovative patented product
Requires VisualEyesTM software

How to perform

Stress-free and precise stimulation and diagnosis of any of the 6 semicircular canals.

Designed for diagnosis and treatment

The patient is secured by a four-point harness, a leg strap, shoulder pads and a head mount, and the eye movements are transmitted to a monitor by means of a goggle with infrared video cameras.
This is a photo of the Spontanous test in the VNG software from Interacoustics

Accurate and effective

The rehabilitation of patients with BPPV commonly involves traditional maneuvers such as the Epley, Semont, Gufoni, Appiani and similar.
With the TRV chair the effectiveness of these maneuvers can be enhanced by following the exact plane of the canal, and by adding kinetic energy to the liberatory maneuver. The kinetic energy will accelerate the movement of the smaller otoconia that would otherwise remain in their original location. This is often the only way to treat patients with residual lateral canalithiasis linked to a very few otoliths in the canal resulting in a weaker positional nystagmus despite strong symptoms.
The kinetic energy is added by driving the main arm of the TRV chair against a hydraulic stop in each sequence in the liberatory maneuver; this produces a mild de-acceleration which is sufficient to free even the smallest otoconia and secure a successful treatment.
Kinetic energy is also applied in the Dynamic BBQ Maneuver (DBM). DBM is a series of 2 x 7 rotations around the vertical axis with shifts between acceleration and deceleration; a highly effective treatment of lateral canal BPPV.

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