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Audiometry made fun

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA)

With visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA), the behavioral procedure becomes more gamelike. By using visual reinforcers, you engage the infant or child patient to take part in the hearing test. This gives you more time to establish their hearing levels. VRA is also a valuable tool when testing difficult-to-test children.

We offer three different VRA solutions: VRA201, VRA Screen and VRA Pure. Learn more about each below.

toddler pointing at animated toy frog located inside VRA201


VRA201 is a manually-controlled VRA tool and is a supplement to audiometers and traditional behavioral audiometry. VRA201 is a valuable accessory for your audiometry setup and will make hearing testing more fun for your pediatric patients.
  • For use in infants and children from six months to three years of age
  • Establish lower and more accurate thresholds
  • Easy to add to your current audiometry setup

Hearing testing made rewarding

You perform the hearing test in a free-field setup or with headphones. VRA201 provides the visual reward, and you present the sound with the audiometer. If the infant or child produces a correct response, you push the response switch. This illuminates an animated toy located behind tinted Plexiglas. This rewards the child for hearing the sound stimulus and for taking part in the test.

VRA Screen

VRA Screen is a digital VRA device. As with VRA201, you present the sound with the audiometer. But instead of animating a toy, you present the visual reward via 1-3 screens, depending on your setup.

What do you get?

VRA Screen consists of a dedicated PC for VRA, default playlists, a mouse, and a USB stick with the VRA Playlist Creator software. Once you have arranged for 1-3 screens in your free field setup, you are ready to go.

Visual rewards

You can choose between the following rewards:
  • Static images in color or contrast
  • Moving images in color or contrast
  • Animal animations with sound
  • Custom rewards using the Playlist Creator

The clinician is in charge

With a simple mouse click, you can instantly switch the visual reward on and off. In a multi-screen setup, you can also quickly switch screens with left-right mouse clicks.

An interactive experience

The default VRA playlist includes animal animations with sound. This adds another dimension to the setup, as the reinforcement contains both movement and sound, which can be more interactive and interesting for the patient.

Playlist Creator

You are not limited to the default playlist, far from it. In the VRA Playlist Creator software, you can create your own playlists. This means that you can tailor the visual rewards to the specific patient. Let’s say you know a patient coming in tomorrow has a thing for cars, then what better way to keep their attention than by showing them images or videos with cars?
toddler pointing at animation of lion on computer screen
Amanda Goodhew, BSc (Hons) MSc Audiology. International Clinical Trainer at the Interacoustics Academy, former Senior Pediatric Audiologist at NHS, UK.

"What I love most about VRA Screen is how fast and responsive it is. There is no delay to either the onset or offset of the visual reward, which is so vital for keeping the child conditioned and motivated. Combined with the ability to create your own playlists and add your own still or moving images, this places the clinician in total control of what can be fast-paced and high-pressure testing conditions"

VRA Pure

VRA Pure is a software version of VRA Screen, which is beneficial for PC-based audiometer setups.

Use the VRA software with your own PC

The VRA Pure software is intuitive to use and offers an easy way to engage young children in hearing testing.

With VRA Pure, you get the latest version of VRA directly on a USB, which is all you need. This includes the default playlists known from VRA Screen and with a software that makes it possible to operate the VRA system directly from your own PC.

Only one PC is needed

With VRA Pure, you can operate your audiometer and the VRA software from the same PC in two ways.

1. On-top mode

The on-top mode allows you to operate your audiometer and the VRA system from the PC screen.

2. Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can operate the VRA system from your keyboard with ease and without interfering with the hearing test software.

toddler pointing at animation of lion on computer screen

VRA201 vs VRA Screen vs VRA Pure

So, which of three VRA systems is right for you? To help you decide, the table below compares their functionality.

VRA201 VRA Screen VRA Pure
Technology Analog (standalone) Digital (standalone) Digital (integrated)
Audiometers All All PC-based
What do you get?

VRA201 box with toy

Response key

Power supply

VRA Playlist Creator

Default playlist


VRA computer

VRA Playlist Creator

Default playlist

Add ons None

Computer screens


Computer screens


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