The virtual clinic

Meet realistic case presentations in our virtual clinic and count how many trophies Karl, our supervisor, gives you for your diagnostic skills.

Please select the patient you would like to meet.

We will continue to add more clients to diagnose so make sure to check back often.

Our patients

We will continue to add more patients to diagnose so make sure to check back often.
  • Good that you are here. My hearing is troubling me very much. Please check it out.

    Meet Frank

  • All is fine with me, I just need a thorough audiological assessment as part of a medical check.

    Meet Andrew

  • I can’t hear from my right ear. Please find out why.

    Meet Susan

  • I lost my balance and fell off my bike. I have no idea what happened really. Do you?

    Meet Paul

Meet Karl

Karl, our supervisor who has an opinion about everything, will give feedback about the choices that are made. The patients from the virtual clinic are ideal for any audiology curriculum or for anyone interested in exploring their diagnostic skills. The Interacoustics Academy are also open to receive suggestions and materials for the creation of more scenarios.

More learning

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