ECochG: Clinical Test Procedure

10 - 30 mins
09 October 2015


In this video, Dr. Signe Grasel from the University of São Paulo School of Medicine will guide you through the electrocochleography (ECochG) test procedure, including case examples.


John Ferraro
John A. Ferraro, Ph.D., FASHA, FAAA, is a professor in the Department of Hearing and Speech at The University of Kansas (KU). Prior to his arrival at KU, Ferraro held positions of assistant and associate professor at The Ohio State University's Speech and Hearing Science Section (1974-1981) and as clinical neurophysiologist at Swedish Medical Center, Englewood, Colo. (1981-1984). Ferraro's research interests are in the areas of auditory electrophysiology. He has pioneered techniques for using these potentials in the diagnosis, assessment and management of otological/neuro-otological disorders.

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