Treating Patients on the TRV Chair – An Interview with Dr Dan Dupont Hougaard

10 mins
05 October 2022


In this video Dr Dan Dupont answers, some of the burning questions surrounding the use of the TRV chair as a treatment tool for BPPV. Questions such as: How many canals can you treat in a single session? as well as, what is the optimal number of shocks to apply in treatment manoeuvres? are answered in this interview.


Dan Dupont Hougaard
Dan Dupont Hougaard, MD and Associate Professor, is an ENT Specialist at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head of the Balance & Dizziness Center at Aalborg University Hospital in Denmark. He has 8 years of experience diagnosing and treating patients with BPPV using the TRV Chair.

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