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Clinician and patient sat in front of a white desk holding the following equipment: 2 PC screens, one of which shows hearing aid fitting software. A Viot video otoscope. A speaker. And an Affinity Compact version 4. The clinician and patient are looking toward each other, with the clinician gesticulating with his hands in an explanatory manner.

Hearing aid fitting in a nutshell

10 March 2020
No one hearing-impaired client is entirely the same. And less so when it comes to fitting hearing aids. From the outset, ...
Man sat at desk with laptop, wires, cables and computer chips

Hearing aid fitting from a DSP engineer's perspective

18 February 2020
He built Interacoustics’ first hearing aid fitting system, MS20, back in 1988. Thirty years after, he played a vital role ...
Dennis Mistry performing otoscopy on his client Cheng

How real ear measurement (REM) improved a hearing aid user's life

05 February 2020
On a trip to Beijing, Dennis Mistry, Audiologist and former Clinical Product Manager, Interacoustics, was asked to help fi...
Male clinician performing DPOAE testing on male patient

Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) for ototoxicity monitoring

03 January 2020
One application for diagnostic otoacoustic emissions is in the use of ototoxicity monitoring. Ototoxic agents include ant...
Male clinician performing real ear measurement in female client

Why should you perform real-ear measurement (REM)?

06 December 2019
Hearing aid fitting can be a difficult area to navigate; should you focus solely on the client’s feedback? Should you foc...
Male clinician adjusting in-booth camera pointed toward small girl in car seat

Vestibular testing in children

26 November 2019
When we think about the causes of vertigo and disequilibrium in children, it can be useful to separate this population int...
Kren Noergaard at his desk with transducers, simulated ear cavities and more

Acoustics research at Interacoustics

24 October 2019
With an ambition to make a difference for people, Kren Monrad Nørgaard endeavors to build upon existing knowledge with enl...
Female clinician performing head impulses on male patient

3 reasons why you should combine VNG and vHIT

25 September 2019
1. VOR gain VOR gain is never the same when measuring at different points in time. It is therefore important to be able t...
Clinician performing OAE screening in baby with the OtoRead device

OAE screening: A quick test with a lasting impact

08 August 2019
Peter Bray, Ph.D., Interacoustics’ OAE specialist, has more than 35 years' experience when it comes to otoacoustic emissio...

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