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Interacoustics offers extensive research systems, including the Etymotic Research line of products. You can order your Etymotic research systems directly from Interacoustics. Interacoustics research systems (the hardware) must be ordered from your local distributor.

ER-2 Insert Earphones

Only available in the US

Insert earphones for flat response at the human eardrum

Foam tips, tubes and tube adaptors are available from Sanibel Supply®

Interacoustics Titan Research Platform

The Interacoustics Titan can be used as a research platform for hearing research. The research platform offers a combined audio interface, ear probe, and air pump. It allows researchers to build custom measurement algorithms in MATLAB to suit their specific research needs. 
Please order the Titan hardware for the Titan Research Platform at your local Interacoustics sales office or distributor. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get access to the necessary research license and MATLAB software.
A computer with a device on it
Gabielle R. Merchant, Au.D., Ph.D., CCC-A
“The Titan Research Platform offers a nearly limitless number of options and functionality, and most importantly for me, access to raw forms of the data. Additionally, the calibration code and sample scripts that come with the research platform gave us a huge start on developing our own customizable software, which we can easily share with colleagues and collaborators because of how the Research Platform is set up. Having researchers across multiple labs and institutions using the same hardware and some of the same key foundational pieces of code will really push the field forward in a cohesive way that I believe will directly benefit innovation and development in hearing science.”
Gabielle R. Merchant, Au.D., Ph.D., CCC-A
Scientist II, Center for Hearing Research
Director, Translational Auditory Physiology and Perception Laboratory
Boys Town National Research Hospital
Interacoustics - hearing and balance diagnosis and rehabilitation
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