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"Our clinical study on infants and toddlers found that the Eclipse ASSR was faster and produced lower thresholds than our best ABR protocol."

Yvonne S. Sininger
Ph.D. Emeritus Professor in Residence, UCLA

"The Eclipse has the largest number of clinically-relevant features of any AEP device today. The platform is an excellent blend of parameter flexibility and user-friendliness."

Todd B. Sauter
Audiology Associates of Worceste Massachusetts

"The Titan with the Wideband Tympanometry feature has proven to be clinically beneficial in our busy ENT setting. We have found that the Average Tympanograms produce a more consistent and clear picture of the related pathology."

Jon Schee
Aud, MN, USA

"The VisualEyesTM system offers a user-friendly interface that has been easy for new users to pick up. The system is easily customisable and has allowed separate protocols to be set up for patients referred with neurological or vestibular impairments."

Chris Monaghan-Doyle
Hearing and Balance Centre, Leeds General Infirmary, UK

"In 2005 we started to use the Interacoustics Eclipse EP-25 which as a turning point for us. A very user-friendly interface, fast and reliable equipment. Besides the Eclipse we also use the Titan in the clinic as well in hospital evaluations. As the name describes it is a “super” equipment, modular and very powerful."

Marcelo Ribeiro de Toledo Piza
MD, MSc, Brazil

"Affinity Compact brings more specificity at the high frequencies, and this is where we find most of the hearing loss among our patients. It gives you a good feeling when you have all the materials to make the best fitting and your patient feels happy about your job. What more could you want?"

Alexandre Durand
B.Sc. Audiologist at Sonance Audition, Castries, France

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