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Brand new software

The new IA OAE Suite enhances the clinician’s experience, and together with the great display of test data, analysis has been simplified.

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A photo of a laptop running the DPOAE software module from Interacoustics


Impedance, OAE, ABRIS and the revolutionary Wideband Tympanometry in one powerful device.


A photo of the OtoRead for OAE testing from Interacoustics


Fast and comprehensive DPOAE and TEOAE testing.


A photo of the Sera for ABR and OAE testing from Interacoustics


Powerful Automated ABR, DPOAE and TEOAE combination.


Hearing and balance care across a life span

The only full-line supplier in the field, with products ranging from compact handhelds to sophisticated desk units across the fields of balance, audiometry, tympanometry and ABR/OAE.

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