Affinity Compact

Clever made compact
Affinity Compact is a new peak in hearing aid fitting. Help your clients to hear better.

Made to follow your needs

Choose between four base units and licensed software. Upgrade down the road as your needs change.
Version one of Affinity Compact. Green light on the front of the unit.
Affinity Compact


Choose one or more modules: Audiometry, real-ear measurement and visible speech mapping.

Version two of Affinity Compact. Speaker on its base. Red light on the front of the unit.
Affinity Compact


Same as version 1, including speaker that provides speech and sound stimuli.
Version three of Affinity Compact. Speaker and plugs on its base. Blue light on the front of the unit.
Affinity Compact


Same as version 2, including compatibility with RECD and SPL60. Includes telecoil and plugs for hearing instrument testing.
Version four of Affinity Compact. Closed test box with a purple light on the front of the unit.
Affinity Compact


The complete hearing aid fitting solution with a noise-cancelling lid (modules still optional) for hearing instrument testing.
The 4 versions may be configured differently in some countries. Please contact your local sales office for details.

Made for your clinic

Affinity Compact has an elegant design, which gives you the ability to mount the unit as you wish and to wipe down its surfaces.

The unit powers down when not in use and it has a light indicator. The light indicator turns blue when testing the left ear and it turns red when testing the right ear. The light indicator also has specific colors for each module.

Design made elegant

Fitting made modular

Affinity Compact uses the well-tested Affinity Suite. You only have to choose the modules and tests you need now, as you can always purchase more down the road. The same applies to the four base units.

  • Affinity Compact version four seen from the front.
  • Open Affinity Compact version four seen from the front. Hearing aid and coupler resting on the base.
  • Affinity Compact version three seen from the front.
  • Affinity Compact version two seen from the front.
  • Affinity Compact version one seen from the front.
  • Affinity Compact version two resting in on-desk bracket alongside transducer and real-ear measurement headset.
  • Wall-mounted Affinity Compact version two seen from the front.
  • Affinity Compact version four seen from behind.

Made for your client

Engage your clients and their support.

The Affinity Suite offers a variety of tools that include the client and support in his or her hearing rehabilitation. This results in better counseling, which will reduce the amount of follow-up visits.

Three screens from the Affinity Suite. Visible speech mapping module shown most clearly.


The audiometry module offers simple hearing testing.

Flexible test battery

You can tailor the test battery to your needs by only buying the licenses you wish.

Ambient Noise

Ambient Noise measures the sound environment in relation to hearing thresholds. This gives you more confidence in your audiograms - even in noisy environments.

Audiometry up to 20 kHz

You can test with sound frequencies up to 20 kHz. This is useful for:
  • Early intervention
  • Ototoxic monitoring
  • Tinnitus matching
  • Hearing aid fitting

Free field adjustment

This feature uses a microphone and stimuli to adjust the stimulation. This ensures an accurate free field stimulus.

Automated test with IA-AMTAS

The IA-AMTAS test feature is an automated method for obtaining a diagnostic hearing test. It allows patients to perform a hearing test on their own, which frees up time for the busy clinician. Once the patient has completed the IA-AMTAS test, you can access a summary report with the test data and quality indicators of the session.

Please contact your local sales office for IA-AMTAS availability in the US.

Clinician performing IA-AMTAS test on laptop
Clinician performing ACT test on laptop

Audible contrast threshold (ACT™)

The ACT test is an above-threshold, non-language specific test that quantifies a person’s real world ability to hear in noise. The test applies the shape and levels of the audiogram to ensure the correct stimulus intensity is applied. With the result of the ACT test – the ACT value – you can counsel clients on how to manage their hearing-in-noise ability, including automatic prescription of adaptive features in selected hearing aids.

Audiometry made comfortable

Making the transition to PC-based audiometry has never been easier. The Audiometer Keyboard combines the touch and feel of a standalone audiometer with the data security and efficiency of PC-based technology. By pairing the Audiometer Keyboard with the Affinity Compact, you have a complete and portable package for testing when you’re on the move.
Clinician using the audiometer keyboard

Real-Ear Measurement

Achieve a perfect hearing aid fitting in any ear canal.

Easy probe tube placement

Avoid any contact with your client's eardrum and be certain of accurate real-ear measurements. Based on machine learning, Affinity Compact’s Probe Placement Indicator shows insertion depth in real time, and provides a visible and audible signal when you’ve inserted the probe tube at the correct depth. 

Screenshot of Probe Placement Indicator in the Affinity Suite. The bar for the right ear is green, showing that the probe tube insertion depth is correct. The bar for the left ear shows the probe tube insertion depth is incorrect.

Screenshot of Probe Placement Indicator in the Affinity Suite.

Get fitting right

Real-ear measures are objective and show what a hearing aid is doing in your client's ear.

Binaural REM

The binaural REM feature allows you to fit both ears at the same time. This halves the fitting time.

Hearing Aid Transition

This test allows you to copy hearing aid settings. This makes it simple to adjust new hearing aids.

Realistic stimuli

The use of life-like stimuli gives your clients the ability to hear how their hearing aids work.

12.5 kHz REM

REM up to 12.5 kHz enables you to provide a thorough hearing aid fitting for your client.

Visible Speech Mapping

The visible speech mapping module can visualize what the hearing aid is doing in your client's ear canal. Show your client's speech audibility and manage her expectations.


The VSP440 module's graphical examples are a good way to show your client what she can hear. This includes your client in the process towards audibility.

Show improvements

Real-ear measurement and counseling in one display. The unaided-vs-aided display allow you to show hearing improvements.
Male clinician showing female patient her visible speech mapping results on his flatscreen monitor.

Hearing Instrument Testing

Eliminate background noise

The removable and cleanable sound-absorbing base and the sound-proof chamber provide reliable results.

With you for any evaluation

Using telecoil and directional microphones, HIT440 can evaluate any hearing device or bone-anchored hearing instrument. Choose from ANSI or IEC tests or create your own.

  • Listen to coupler - hear what your client hears
  • Historical results

Aidapter™: Moving beyond acoustic putty

The Aidapter™ is a unique silicone piece that clicks onto the HA-1 adapter. You can use the Aidapter™ with receiver-in-canal (RIC) and thin tube hearing aids. Compared to acoustic putty, the Aidapter™ provides a good acoustic seal and standardizes the coupling, ensuring repeatable coupler measurements.

Small. Fast. Strong.

A sound choice for any hearing care professional.
Affinity Compact version four resting on a female adult’s hand.

Integration made easy

Get more time to take care of your client.
Affinity Compact is compatible with Noah and OtoAccess®. This means you can integrate with EMR and EHR systems. Spend less time on data handling and more on your client.

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