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Female clinician performing wideband tympanometry in female patient

An introduction to wideband tympanometry (WBT)

16 November 2021
Wideband tympanometry (WBT) is an emerging hearing test that is available on the Titan tympanometer, but still lacks adopt...
Male clinician counseling female patient

Interacoustics announce Interacoustics Universe

06 August 2021
  Smooth, fast and efficient single point of entry to software suites Interacoustics Universe™ is a new single point o...
Female clinician performing oculomotor testing on female patient

Vestibular concussion therapy: A multidisciplinary approach

27 July 2021
Shelly Massingale, PT, MPT, is the expert when it comes to concussion. Having seen concussion patients solely the past se...
Male clinician performing otoacoustic emission testing on young boy

How Odense University Hospital use otoacoustic emissions (OAEs)

25 June 2021
Odense University Hospital (OUH) in Denmark is one of many hospitals that use otoacoustic emission (OAE) measurements to s...
Little boy pointing at computer screen with animated lion

Interacoustics announce VRA Screen

10 May 2021
In May 2021, Interacoustics could reveal its second visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) solution: VRA Screen. This is a ...
Male clinician and male patient looking at saccadometry software display on computer screen

Central dizziness in VNG assessments

12 April 2021
Often when considering our options for examining central changes in VNG, the question comes of why we should look at this ...
Female physical therapist performing dynamic visual acuity test on male patient

Vestibular function testing during head movement

15 March 2021
Functional assessments can be a useful measurement of vestibular performance during head movement. They can reveal why th...
Male patient performing subjective visual vertical test in rotary chair

How to test otolith function

23 February 2021
For many years, we have used the term ‘vestibular function testing’ with the implication that we are testing the entire ve...
Female physical therapist performing advanced Dix-Hallpike test on male patient

2 ways to improve posterior canal BPPV diagnosis

15 February 2021
It can often be very difficult to diagnose posterior canal BPPV when relying on two-dimensional graphs that only show hori...

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