Stationary or portable

AD226 audiometer

Multiple advanced features
With the hybrid AD226 audiometer you can easily perform routine air and bone conduction threshold audiometry, but it also comes with multiple advanced features for other applications. The AD226 is a fully self-contained standalone audiometer that can run independently from a computer. It is also a fully PC-integrated audiometer (with the optional Diagnostic Suite software) offering all the benefits of a PC-based audiometer with full Noah, OtoAccessTM and EMR/HIS integration.
Diagnostic suite for AC40 audiometer
True hybrid audiometer
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Test battery

  • Stenger
  • ABLB
  • Langenbeck (tone in noise).
  • SISI
  • Auto threshold
  • Hughson Westlake
  • Békésy

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OtoAccessTM compatible

Transfer of patient information and results to EMR/EHR.


AD629 audiometerAD629 audiometer
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The AD629 is the first true hybrid audiometer concept, combining the best of the past, present and future in one compact and modern design.
Hybrid products lets you choose your preferred workflow with standalone and PC audiometry operation. Learn more
License B includes: Air and bone conduction, masking, Stenger, Hughson-Westlake (auto testing) and the ABLB test. License E includes: Licence B, Békésy, SISI, and Langenbeck (Tone in noise).
B71 - Compatible with all headbands as well as high-quality cables. The industrial standard of audiometric bone conduction testing.
Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas and product specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Please contact us to find out more.
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VIOT™ - Video Otoscopy

Otoscopy is a fundamental practice prior to any audiological evaluation and it may determine alternative strategies during the patient's examination.