AC40 clinical audiometer
AC40 clinical audiometer


Clinical audiometry made flexible
AC40 is a two-channel clinical audiometer that includes all the advanced features and functions needed by a modern clinic.
  • Full clinical test battery with dedicated screen layouts.
  • Pre-programmed, user-defined, or automated test sequences.
  • Patient counseling tools.
QuickSIN software screen
SISI software screen
Speech audiometry software screen
Visual aids displayed on audiogram to show which sounds you would hear in real life, including their frequency and intensity. For example, a lawnmower is displayed at 0.25 kHz and 100 dB HL.
QuickSIN software screen, showing where to choose between the available wordlists.

Work as you prefer

As a standalone audiometer, AC40 provides all the air conduction, bone conduction and masking features required for advanced clinical use.
Pure tone audiometry software screen
Speech audiometry software screen
Pure tone audiometry software screen. An audiogram has only been recorded in the right ear, which is between 0 dB HL and 15 dB HL for all frequencies.
QuickSIN results showing an SNR loss of 2.5 dB, which is in the normal range.
Audiograms displaying hearing loss in both ears

A wide range of applications

AC40 has a comprehensive test battery for a wide range of clinical and research applications.
AC40 clinical audiometer viewed from an angle
  • Multi-frequency audiometry for tinnitus assessments and ototoxicity monitoring.
  • Automatic testing with the Hughson-Westlake and Békésy tests.

  • Masking Help and Auto Masking (Diagnostic Suite).

  • Masking Level Difference (MLD) - offers a mixture of phase-controlled tone and noise stimuli for testing retrocochlear function and CAPD.
  • TEN test for diagnosing cochlear dead regions.

  • Hearing Loss Simulator and Master Hearing Aid for hearing aid verification.
  • SISI for differentiating between cochlear and retrocochlear disorders.

  • ABLB has its own dedicated screen where any recruitment can be shown in a clear, graphical manner.

  • Weber for distinguishing between a conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.
  • High-frequency audiometry up to 20 kHz.
  • Free-field audiometry with built-in preamplifier.
  • QuickSIN™ for automated speech in noise testing.

Speech audiometry software screen

Speech audiometry features

  • Live voice, CD/MP3, or built-in speech materials.
  • SRT, Word Recognition, MCL, UCL.
  • Recorded Word Recognition scoring.
  • Binaural speech for CAPD applications.
  • Speech-in-noise assessment.
Pure tone audiometry software screen

Pure tone audiometry features

  • Automatic pure-tone average (PTA) calculation.
  • User-defined symbol scheme.
  • Speech banana.
  • Display masking information.
  • Built-in speech materials.
  • Media player for recorded speech materials.
AC40 clinical audiometer and laptop

A counseling solution

AC40 gives you customizable counseling overlays to help engage and connect with your client. They include phoneme examples, sound examples, the speech banana, and severity indications.

Design and efficiency

The ergonomic AC40 has a high-resolution 8.4" color display and a built-in keyboard. The internal flash memory can store up to 1000 patients or 50.000 sessions. You can also connect your TV or monitor of choice using the HDMI output.

Pediatric assessment

As an alternative to warble tone and narrow-band stimuli, AC40 includes pediatric noise stimuli and the ability to add visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA). This is tailored to pediatric testing, as it helps to keep the attention of children.

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