Video otoscopy made effective

Capture high-quality images and video for documentation and counseling

Auto white balancing

Ready for use as soon as the image appears on the screen.

One button control

Full assessment control of both ears without having to revert to the computer.

90 ̊ angle view

See the ear drum and the lower part of the ear canal simultaneously with 90 ̊ angle view.

Video otoscopy made state-of-the-art

The Viot™ from Interacoustics is the natural choice for clinics that need an easy-to-use video otoscope for preliminary diagnostic assessments. Viot™ objectively views the external auditory canal before, during and after any audiological procedure.

A video otoscope with high usability

Weighing in at 135 g, Viot™ is truly a compact and hand-held video otoscope. The built-in LED provides a powerful and bright light source, allowing true color capturing. Finally, you do not need an additional power supply, as the video otoscope is powered via its USB cable, which is a USB 2.0 connection.
Male clinician talking to female patient after otoscopic examination.

Software that makes your life easy

The software has an intuitive user interface and can be integrated with Noah or OtoAccess® Database. You can choose between the Viot™, Callisto™ and Affinity suites when operating your Viot™. In addition, the software provides the following functionalities:
  • Export to different image formats.
  • Historic sessions and add notes to current sessions.
  • Insert comments for separate pictures.
  • Customized print templates in the Print Wizard.
Laptop with video otoscopy software, Viot™ and speculums.

What is video otoscopy?

Video otoscopy plays a crucial role in audiological evaluations, providing valuable insights for ENT doctors, audiologists, and hearing aid dispensers. It serves as an indispensable documentation tool, offering a comprehensive view of the patient's ear. By utilizing the Viot™, healthcare professionals can identify various conditions, including ear infections, foreign bodies like wax or cerumen, otitis media, and other abnormalities. Addressing these issues promptly is essential to ensure accurate subsequent assessments.

Efficient otoscopic examinations

Viot™ features automatic white balancing, meaning you can use it straight away as images or video appear on screen. In addition, the video otoscope has a one-button control. This means you can perform a full assessment of both ears without having to revert to your computer to change ear or to capture images or video. All of this ensures an efficient use of time, leaving you more time to take care of your patients and for any following evaluations.

High-quality videos and images

The camera on Viot™ has a 90-degree view, which views the eardrum and a portion of the ear canal at the same time. The camera captures clear images and also functions as a real-time video camera, providing you with a magnified view of the ear canal and the tympanic membrane.

Take good care of your patients

Viot's™ ergonomic design makes it easy to use and ensures a comfortable fit in your patient's ear. The video otoscope also comes with a metal plate so you can mount it on your desk. This enables you to provide a calm and professional setting.

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