How to Perform a Test in OtoAccess® Database

15 February 2022
10 mins


OtoAccess Database software screen, displaying with yellow arrows where to find the following: patient list, toolbar, preview, open report button, session list, language options button, and a help button


  • Compatible equipment software installed, is visible in toolbar
  • Patient created, see Quick guide create/delete/edit patient


Perform tests

  1. Choose patient in the patient list.
    a. If there are existing sessions on the patient, these will be visible in the Session list.
    b. Choosing sessions will show session preview if available and you can open the test report if available.
    c. Double-clicking the session will open the session in the equipment software.
  2. Click on the software tool that you want to use in the Toolbar. Perform tests on the selected patient.
    When you save a session it will automatically be saved to OtoAccess® Database.



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