Interacoustics OtoAccess integration solution

Comprehensive integration solution

As a clinician, you are concerned with providing a comprehensive end-to-end investigation and treatment process. At Interacoustics, we are concerned to facilitate this pathway for you by caring for your patient data… from end to end.


The Audiometric Data Interface (ADI) is an interface between the audiological hardware and an EMR system. The ADI provides a pathway to enable staff at hospital and healthcare practices to securely store and retrieve data from the EMR system. Manufacturers can use it to seamlessly integrate Interacoustics standalone audiometric hardware to the many EMR systems, enabling an efficient, streamlined user workflow.


OtoAccessTM is compatible with all major electronic record systems. Patient information passes immediately and seamlessly from the EMR to the audiology clinic. And once the clinician has completed the session’s assessments, patient results and reports then automatically flow back to the electronic record system, where they can be stored or accessed by other relevant professionals on the network.


Features an easy-to-use database for storage of audiological data and patient information. High-speed data handling enables rapid storage and retrieval of patient information. It is HIPAA compliant and compatible with major EMR protocols and standards. OtoAccessTM database supports all Interacoustics products, including our balance assessment equipment. It is equally suitable for installation on computers as a stand alone database application as it is for networks with a number of clients using the same SQL server.

Electronic reporting

The Interacoustics electronic reporting solution offers quickly and safely reporting of test results. It’s a powerful tool that can combine all tests into one single reporting and export the data to PDF to ensure that the content cannot be altered. This reduces the risk of errors and saves on paper and processing time. Using the report designing tool, the clinician can quickly and easily create an unlimited number of customizable reporting templates depending on his need.

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