Interacoustics Orion


The Orion rotary chair provides clinicians with the unique opportunity to accurately assess the Vestibular Ocular Reflex (VOR) efficiently and economically.
  • VOR 0.01 to 0.64 Hz (20 d/s to 100 d/s)
  • Visual VOR
  • VOR Suppression
  • Velocity Step Test (50 d/s to 200 d/s)
Interacoustics Orion

A full test battery

A full test battery is included with the chair, including the sinusoidal pendular test and step rotation test. Rotational chair testing is more sensitive to bilateral vestibular losses than caloric testing alone. It is the gold standard test for the assessment of patients with a compensated unilateral lesion or with bilateral vestibular lesions (e.g. ototoxic damage).
Interacoustics Orion

Space-saving design

The chair allows you to carry out all tests in a minimum of space. In addition to rotation tests, it reclines precisely to 30 degrees for caloric testing with easy access to both ears. It also reclines completely to act as an exam table for positional and Dix-Hallpike tests.

The gold standard

Rotational testing is the gold standard for bilateral weaknesses identified in caloric and vHIT testing.

30° for caloric testing

With the chair reclined to 30 degrees, it is set for caloric test protocols. VisualEyesTM software integrates either the Air Fx air caloric irrigator or Aqua Stim water caloric irrigator for computer controlled caloric stimulations.
Interacoustics Orion

0° for positional tests

Recline the chair flat for positional tests and remove the head rest to complete Dix-Hallpike testing. The full supine position also facilitates canalith repositioning maneuvers.
Interacoustics Orion
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