Your winning combination

The Interacoustics Titan is a truly mighty and modular platform with ease of use. Combine the tools you need with professionalism and convenience - AEP, OAE, Impedance and WBT in one device.

Titan - hybrid tympanometer

A truly mighty platform

Customize your Titan through dedicated software modules to create a winning combination for screening, diagnostic and advanced clinical testing. A truly mighty platform with ease of use, professionalism and convenience in one device.
  • Superior, professional aesthetics
  • High resolution color display
  • Testing through multiple probe and transducer configurations
  • Handheld and PC mode for full flexibility (Hybrid) 1
  • Supreme usability through storage of calibration values in probe and ID-transducers

One size fits all

AEP, OAE, Impedance and WBT testing on one dedicated platform. Every Titan software module is developed based on proven technologies and feedback from users and audiology experts. Features are developed in sync with your changing needs and contain the latest technologies making the Titan a future-safe investment.
Titan with TEOAE440 - Transient evoked otoacoustic emission
ABRIS440 - Auditory brainstem response / infant screening
ABRIS440 - Auditory brainstem response / infant screening
DPOAE440 - Distortion product otoacoustic emissions
IMP440 - 226 Hz Tympanogram


The ABRIS440 module for Titan is fast and easy automated ABR testing for infants and adults. The screening module uses the ground breaking CE-Chirp® stimulus and weighted averaging to reduce test time by up to 50% compared to traditional click stimuli. With an easy to understand display (PC or handheld device), HiTrack compatibility and user customizable protocols, the ABRIS440 combines fast, quality testing with unrivalled usability.
Simply press "START"
Following patient preparation, simply press start and await a pass/refer result. Minimal test time is required and the ABRIS440 default CE-Chirp® (35dBnHL) protocol provides a reliable automated ABR test with a sensitivity of 99.9% and a specificity of more than 96%. Choose from four transducers that are automatically detected when connected to the preamplifier.
Tian ABRIS440 - Auditory brainstem response / infant screening
35 dB nHL CE-Chirp® - Auditory brainstem response / infant screening
35 dB nHL CE-Chirp® - Auditory brainstem response / infant screening
CE-Chirp® stimulus
CE-Chirp® stimulus family2
Stimulus compensates for cochlear travel time with a result up to twice the size compared to a standard click.

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TItan with DPOAE440 - Distortion product otoacoustic emission


The screening version offers speed, precision and user-friendliness. The Titan ensures exact intensity stimulation throughout the test and monitors the ongoing noise resulting in the most accurate results achievable.
The clinical version provides unsurpassed flexibility and a comprehensive frequency range for a full diagnostic evaluation. Customizable protocols offer an unlimited number of tests utilizing a multitude of parameters including stimuli, intensity, stop criteria and much more.


  • DP range 0.5-6kHz
  • TE range 1-4.5kHz (60-84 dB SPL)
  • Customizable PASS/REFER criteria
  • Advanced AGC
  • Bayesian weighted averaging
  • 226Hz tympanometry
  • Pressurized OAE (optional)


  • DP range 500Hz-10kHz
  • TE range 500Hz-5.5kHz (30-90 dB SPL)
  • Advanced AGC
  • Bayesian weighted averaging
  • DP Input/Output test
  • 226Hz tympanometry
  • Pressurized OAE
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2nd Generation ASSR


The IMP440 is available in a screening, diagnostic or clinical version. It features standard tympanometry, ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflexes, reflex decay and reflex latency, as well as three Eustachian tube function tests.
The fastest, most reproducible tympanometry available
IMP440 delivers tympanometry through advanced technologies. These include: “Endless airflow” pressure control technology, high resolution recordings and an intelligent pump system with an adaptive speed control around the tympanic peak. The IMP44o module will help streamline and improve your daily workflow – in record speed.
Electrically evoked stapedius reflex thresholds (eSRT) for objective measurement of the upper stimulus levels during the programming of a cochlear implant.
  • Three Eustachian tube function tests
  • Ipsi and contra acoustic reflexes
  • Reflex decay
  • Reflex latency
  • Optional high frequency probe tones (678, 800 and 1000Hz)
  • Shoulder unit and probe indicator LED
WBT - Wideband Tympanometry
WBT - Wideband Tympanometry3
A new dimension in middle ear diagnostics for easy and very reliable middle ear evaluations of infants, children and adults.

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The new clinical extension cable

  • A new and small probe that is easier to keep in the ear
  • Easier to disassemble and reassemble when cleaning probe tip
  • New drop-shaped shoulder box design
  • The button has been moved to the front of the shoulder box
  • Status light has been moved to the shoulder box
  • New cable with Kevlar wires constructed for extensive usage

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OtoAccessTM compatible

Transfer of patient information and results to EMR/EHR.


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AEP, ASSR, VEMP & OAE testing on one dedicated platform - Customize your Eclipse through dedicated software modules to create a personalized system for your clinic.
1. Hybrid products lets you choose your preferred workflow with standalone and PC audiometry operation. Learn more
2. The CE-Chirp® stimulus family was developed following many years of extensive human studies by numerous researchers including Claus Elberling, the researcher who the CE-Chirp® has been named in honor of.
3. WBT offers comprehensive analysis of the middle ear with a simple probe “click” that covers the 226 to 8000 Hz range instead of a probe tone that only measures at 226 Hz. Alternative terms used by researchers for WBT include WAI (Wideband Acoustic Immittance) and PR (Power Reflectance).
Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas and product specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Please contact us to find out more.
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VIOT™ - Video Otoscopy

Otoscopy is a fundamental practice prior to any audiological evaluation and it may determine alternative strategies during the patient's examination.