MT10 Handheld Tympanometer

Easy screening

MT10 Handheld Tympanometer

2 channel audiometer

Handheld Tympanometer

The MT10 is built to quickly and effectively meet screening requirements. For example otitis media, a major cause of temporary or permanent hearing impairment in children, can easily and quickly be detected. The results can be documented with the infrared printer or can be sent to the Diagnostic Suite and OtoAccessTM on your PC.

  • -400 to +200 daPa
  • Ipsilateral Reflexes (optional)
  • 30-patient memory
  • Tympanometric data transfer
  • Advanced print layout wizard
  • Personalized and combined reporting
  • Patient and session handling
  • OtoAccessTM database and Noah compatible

Ipsilateral Acoustic Reflex

Four different reflex tests may be performed per ear using either fixed or automatic intensity selection. The test is carried out at the correct pressure level and the actual reflex characteristics are displayed on the screen for the operator to view and interpret.
  • 4 frequencies (500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Hz)
  • Single or multiple dB level threshold search
  • Auto detection of threshold
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