Affnity 2.0 - Integrated fitting solution

Integrated fitting solution

Affnity 2.0 - Integrated fitting solution

Complete fitting of hearing aids

Affinity 2.0 is a user friendly, all-in-one system for audiometry, real-ear measurement and technical hearing instrument testing. It also offers various counseling tools and a variety of special tests for advanced audiometry. The Affinity 2.0 is fully compatible with NOAH and the OtoAccessTM databases.
  • Personal settings and protocols
  • Audiometer keyboard (optional)





Mix and match modules

The Affnity 2.0 combines easy to use hardware and software interfaces controlled from your laptop or desktop PC. Mixing and matching the modules as you need them provides additional flexibility – customized to your needs.

Audiometry software

  • Full-test battery
  • Historical sessions
  • Data extraction and output
  • High Frequency (HF440) and Multi Frequency (MF440)
  • Real world simulation
  • QuickSINTM
  • Masking Level Difference (MLD440)
  • Speech tests from the hard drive (SFH440)

Hearing aid testing

  • Endless loop testing
  • Testing directional microphones
  • Built-in test sequences
  • Compatibility with TBS25
  • Historical sessions
  • Tests all types of hearing aids
  • Variable smoothing of curves
  • Telecoil testing

Real Ear Measurement

An essential verification tool that ensures precise hearing aid fittings.
  • Objective quantification
  • Binaural REM
  • On-Top mode
  • Testing of advanced hearing aid features
  • Real world simulation
  • RECD and Pediatric hearing aid fitting

Visible Speech Mapping

Combines counseling with real-ear measurements and helps to visually explain the features, benefits and performance of hearing aids.


Perform technical measurements of bone anchored hearing solutions with the Skull Simulator from Interacoustics.
  • Battery voltage
  • Current consumption
  • Frequency range
  • Peak OFL at 50 dB / 60 dB / 90 dB SPL input
  • Equivalent input noise
  • Processing delay
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