Ultimate test chamber

A dedicated hearing aid test chamber with exceptional performance and signal reproduction.

Hearing aid testing

Low frequency noise is prevalent and a problem in many buildings and has traditionally been achieved with large sand filled test chambers. However, new materials and construction techniques have enabled the TBS25 to outperform these larger chambers by between 25dB and 40dB at low frequencies. The noise rejection of the TBS25 will allow measurement of hearing aid performance down to input levels of 35dB SPL in nearly all situations.
A built-in loop is provided in the TBS25 for telecoil function testing.
Electrical signal
Two auxiliary inputs are available to connect a hearing aid to electrical signal sources eg. an electronic programming system.
Battery eliminators can be connected inside to measure battery current.
The TBS25 approximates free field conditions above 500Hz and has the speaker in the same vertical plane as the hearing aid.

Combine and use TBS25 with ...

Combine the TBS25 test chamber with Affinity 2.0 and Equinox 2.0 platforms for hearing aid testing and with a variety of proprietary and non standard equipment.
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