AD528 - celebrating 50 years of audiometry

  • Shane Seiger-Eatwell

50 years after the launch of our first audiometer, the AD5 in 1969, Interacoustics has announced the launch of AD528, on shelves in June. AD528 is an air, bone and speech audiometer, and marks a new chapter in Interacoustics’ rich history within audiometry.

Time changes an audiometer

Even though Interacoustics’ audiometers have always been valued by the public, AD528 tops the rest. Its quick startup is ideal for busy clinics, allowing for more patients to receive the treatment they so desperately require. Its many available languages ensure its accessibility, easing the lives of clinicians across the globe.

Designed for people

Ergonomics is about designing for people. As such, AD528 is for people. Interacoustics has endeavored to produce an audiometer with a keen consideration for ergonomics, providing comfort for the clinician.

According to Lillian B. Nielsen, Senior Product Manager at Interacoustics and Audiologist: “AD528 provides the basics of what you need.”

AD528 has a small footprint, low weight and an optional bag. Thus, it is ideal for traveling clinicians. Ultimately, patients will benefit from the more accessible treatment that AD528’s portability provides.

A field-tested solution

AD528 is not only a compact and portable device. Fabiana C. de Azevedo Alves, Sales Manager at Interacoustics Brazil, field tested AD528 and received the following feedback from target users: “The users found AD528 to be easy to operate. They also reported that the screen was very nice to look at and that it provides an easy overview. Finally, masking buttons are a big improvement.”


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