On March 27-30, 2019, the 31st AAA will take place in Columbus, OH.

We look forward to seeing you at booth #525!

AAA is an important event for the audiological profession, where you’ll get the opportunity to meet up with fellow researchers, practitioners and students of audiology.

Quick Solution Learning Modules will always be accessible at our booth #525.

Interacoustics will also be holding several presentations, including on vHIT, ASSR, wideband tympanometry and several more. These presentations are scheduled, so remember to keep an eye on the program guide.

Below, you will find the scheduled Interacoustics classroom activities:

Wednesday, March 27:

A practical approach to understanding vestibular head impulse testing.
Presented by Devin McCaslin, PhD, Kelsey Hatton, AuD, and Cammy Bahner, Aud.

The Role of VOR Gain and Catch-up Saccades in Interpretation of Video Head Impulse Test

Presented by Kamran Barin, PhD

Thursday, March 28:

The complete Interacoustics Family of OAE
Presented by Cammy Bahner, AuD

Friday, March 29:

The next generation ASSR
Presented by Yvonne Sininger, PhD

Frequency Specific ABR: Bone conduction made easy

Presented by Sherrie Weller, MS

OAE measurements: Pitfalls and solutions

Presented by Peter Bray, PhD

We are very much looking forward to attending #AAAConf19! Will we see you?

If you cannot attend, remember to keep an eye on Interacoustics’ social media channels for updates!

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