The launch of our new vision 'Science made smarter' marks an important time for Interacoustics. Today, we’re launching our new vision ‘Science made smarter’, accompanied by a new visual identity.

‘Science made smarter’ is a threefold vision:

  • Science represents our innovative and technological approach to developing new products.
  • Made communicates the transformation of complex science into something easier, simpler and smarter.
  • Finally, smarter describes the qualities we proudly attribute to our products and services.

‘Science made smarter’ presents a fundamental promise to our customers. Thus, the vision is something we live and breathe throughout the whole company, as a launch pad for surpassing previous peaks.

According to Carsten Kind, President of Interacoustics:

- Our new vision ‘Science made smarter’ is a fundamental promise to our customers, supported by our values of integrity, ambition and creating customer value. Interacoustics has always embraced change, and our refreshed vision underlines the fact that we are the leading player in the industries of diagnostic audiology and balance.

New corporate brand identity 

The Interacoustics history is deep, and we pride ourselves on our authentic products and our uncompromising aesthetics. Therefore, the new vision is accompanied by a new corporate brand identity that underlines our leading position. 

Rie Søbye, Vice President, Marketing at Interacoustics, asserts that the new brand identity is an exciting change for Interacoustics:

- We ever seek to improve and be at the forefront of technological development, and our new identity is inspired by the past to communicate our future endeavors in this regard.

The new visual identiy consists of entirely new visuals, and ways of communicating our brand where our green colors of the past have been revitalized to communicate our future.

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