Visible speech mapping (VSPM) is a method of showing the benefit of a patient's hearing aid objectively. Using visible speech mapping, you can show your client how his/her hearing aid is performing and explain visually their hearing loss rather than using words to describe it. In most cases, seeing an image that illustrates what is being told with words, increases the client's knowledge of what their hearing aid is doing. It simply combines the objective verification with subjective counseling, and the benefit is high.

How does VSPM work?

VSPM uses the same hardware as real-ear measurements, so the client is still required to have a probe tube in their ear and a stimulus speaker is present. The difference is that you can convey the information in a more client friendly way. This allows you to share information with the client better, allowing the appointment to be more of a discussion rather than a consultation. It removes the clinical aspect from the appointment, making the client more equal to you as a clinician. It leads to better fitting outcomes and higher client satisfaction.

If you want to explore the visible speech mapping module in more details, watch the Interacoustics visible speech mapping video below.

VSPM saves you time

Just like binaural real-ear measurement (REM), you can do binaural VSPM at both years a one time. This saves you valuable time. In fact, research has shown that you save a full appointment when doing VSPM, see for instance Kochkin S. MarkeTrak VIII: Reducing patient visits through verification and validation. Hearing Review. 2011;18(6):10-12.). It will also save your clients from coming back the second or third time for new fitting, as their hearing aid has been fitted so much better the first time.

You can perform VSPM using the same platforms as for REM. But it differs from REM in its software and the user interface.

With Interacoustics' hearing aid analyzers, Affinity 2.0 and CallistoTM, you can combine the REM module with the VSP440 module or you can choose on or the other. In order words, you can mix and match as you want.

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