Do you also sometimes have difficulties finding your way through the jungle of goggle options for vestibular testing? This article gives you some hints on which goggle to choose for which purpose and age group so you can make the right choice for your clinic's needs.


Let's start with our smallest and youngest patients. Kids always bring unique challenges to vestibular testing. Of course, they have smaller heads and this requires a smaller mask to fit securely on their small faces.

Micromedical, small face, front-mounted camera

The Micromedical, small face, front-mounted camera option is perfect for children as young as 3 years old. This goggle has an added advantage, since only one camera is used, that it is easy to slide open the dark cover on the "-on camera" on eye to allow the child to see you. Often, kids are afraid of being in the dark for a long period of time, so this easy on/off cover allows you to quickly darken the goggles for the shortest time.

If you have a rotational chair, we also recommend this goggle, as it is ideal for testing children in the rotational chair.

Usually small children are seated on the parent's lap and the ease of use of the cover on/off allows the parent to easily adapt this goggle from see-through to light-tight as needed.

An alternative option for children is the Combi goggle with side-mounted cameras and pediatric foam insert for comfort and light-tight fit on small faces. This goggle offers a binocular option for VNG and Rotary Chair assessments in kids.

EyeSeeCam vHIT

The EyeSeeCam vHIT goggle for video head impulse test is very small and lightweight and can fit even a very young child's face. We have tested patients as young as 10 months old with the EyeSeeCam goggle. Since this is a see-through goggle, it is easy to position a fun lighted toy in front of the child to keep them entertained during the test.

Virtual SVV

If you're looking for a goggle to test the child's perception of vertical, you should use the Virtual SVV dark mask goggle. It is a fun and familiar gaming experience. It is wireless, and offers added freedom and flexibility for both you and the child.


Of course, adults can benefit from all the same advantages as children benefit from in the small face front mount camera goggle, EyeSeeCam vHIT goggle and Virtual Subjective Visual goggle.

Side-mounted camera goggle

You could also choose the larger binocular (2 camera) goggles for older children and adults for vestibular nystagmography testing (VNGs).

This Interacoustics side-mounted camera goggle has several benefits that contribute to easy testing: E.g. the easy on/off magnetic cover, simple camera adjustment knobs on the side of each camera and an easily interchangeable magnetic lock camera for those instances where you want to be able to perform monocular testing.

If you're looking for a sanitary solution for each patient, the side-mount goggle offers convenient disposable foam cushions that perfectly suit that need. These cushions also provide a comfortable fit and a light-tight seal for all faces, and utilizes the same disposable foam cushions as the VirtualTM SVV goggle.


Another solution for adults is the VNG/VORTEQ goggle, which can perform VNG tests and tests that require a head sensor like Dynamic Visual Acuity and vHIT.

This goggle has some additional high-tech features like software-controlled centering of the eyes and a start/stop button on the goggle mask, which can be used conveniently to start test recordings. This is exceptionally useful in Dix-Hallpike testing and on other occasions when you cannot be near the computer to start the tests.

Remember, in many situations, two different goggle options may be a better solution for your clinic; one for your smaller children and one for your adult population, or one for VNG and one for SVV.

Explore all your choices and then make the best decision for your clinic's needs.

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