Interacoustics has donated audiological equipment to a work exchange program in Malawi. Two Danish audiologists will be testing hearing impaired children at a school and in the rural areas of Malawi.

The Danish audiologists, Rie Luxhøi and Signe Sparre Hansen, have been in Malawi for five months. They have joined the Norwegian Association for the Hard of Hearing's exchange program in Malawi.

As part of the program, Rie and Signe teach their audiology colleagues at the Malawian Montfort Special Needs Education College, a school for hearing impaired children. Here, the equipment donated by Interacoustics will be put to great use.

Rie Luxhøi said: "It's such fantastic news! The Interacoustics equipment will have a great impact on the audiological practice and the education of our colleagues in Malawi."

Rie Luxhøi in Malawi - photo by Bjørn Owe-Holmberg

The donated instruments have just arrived in Malawi and is waiting to be used.

Rie and Signe will be using the equipment at the school, and the two specialists are also involved in audiology assessments and treatment of hearing impaired people in the rural areas of Malawi.

Signe Sparre Hansen said: "With the donated tympanometer, we are now able to map the function of the middle ear. We are very grateful; it means a huge difference to our work with the children."

The equipment donated by Interacoustics includes an AD226 diagnostic audiometer, MT10 handheld tympanometer, and OtoRead handheld OAE device as well as Sanibel ear tips.

Signe Sparre Hansen in Malawi - photo by Bjørn Owe-Holmberg

Read more about the Norwegian Association for the Hard of Hearing project in Malawi here.

Follow Signe and Rie's work in Malawi on their Instagram.

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