The Interacoustics Print Wizard is a tool for automatic reporting of your audiometry and fitting evaluations.

Here are 3 tips for powerful use of the Print Wizard:

  1. Use the report designer to create your own look:
    With the Print Wizard report designer, you can customize your record template so it fits your personal and clinical needs. For instance, the patient demographics will automatically be transferred from your patient management system to your report, and you can even add your own logo.
  2. Combine all tests into one single report template:
    You can combine all the various tests performed on one patient into one single report. This gives a great overview of your patient record and easier evaluation of test results. You simply click the di erent tests using the side menu bar and add the test to your report.
  3. Create as many templates as you like:
    Why settle with just one report template? You can create as many report designs as you like and save them with an appropriate name for easy retrieval. For instance, you can have one template for referrals, one for pediactric, one for adults, etc. Only your imagination sets the limit.

With only a few clicks you can distribute your records to colleagues or other professionals in or outside your clinic. No need for stacks of paper; more time for quality patient care!

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