A positive and informative counseling experience is a crucial part of assessing and managing a patient's hearing loss. It's so important that the patient and their family are helped to fully understand the diagnosis and subsequent management plan. Screen overlays can help hugely in this task. 

Here are 4 crucial benefits of using screen overlays:

  1. The hearing care professional can use screen overlays to explain the nature of the hearing loss. This is especially useful for adults who are perhaps unaware of the impact that their hearing loss might be having on their daily lives. It can help to convince the patient of their need for hearing aids.
  2. Screen overlays can really help the client to see the link between the lines and numbers on the screen and how they are experiencing their hearing in everyday life.
  3. Screen overlays are great for use with children. For example, with a child who has been fitted with a cochlear implant or just a hearing aid, the pictorial displays can really help to get buy-in as regards home practice and to increase understanding as to why the therapist is working on particular sounds with them. And the difference it will make. It can help to get buy-in from the family too.
  4. You can print out overlay with pictorial representations of speech sounds and environmental sounds for the client to take home and use as a 'tool' to help explain to family and friends.

Screen overlays are included in the Interacoustics tool 'visible speech mapping' that is available with the Callisto, Affinity and Equinox solutions. 

Learn much more about screen overlay and visible speech mapping here: www.interacoustics.com/affinity

Learn much more about the benefits of visible speech mapping in this video:
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