Sera DPOAE module

In 2017, Interacoustics announced the addition of DPOAE to the SeraTM newborn hearing screening device. The DPOAE algorithm is derived from the...


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Interacoustics turned 50 years

On August 26, 2017, Interacoustics turned 50. To mark the anniversary, they had invited all internal staff and people from their worldwide distribution...

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OtoRead: handheld OAE device

Interacoustics released OtoRead in 2017, which is a handheld OAE device. It combines comprehensive DPOAE and TEOAE testing and offers diagnostic...

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VisualEyes 505: A Video Frenzel solution

VisualEyesTM 505 is an ideal solution for physical therapists, who can benefit hugely in their clinics with the advantages and features of VisualEyesTM...

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Interacoustics at ENT world congress

Experience our new industry-leading balance developments and help us celebrate 50 years of leading diagnostic solutions. Interacoustics France is happy...

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7 steps to successful audiometric masking

In cases where you detect a symmetrical hearing loss, it is usually sufficient to perform traditional audiometry without masking. However, in cases...

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