Peter Bray smiling.

OAE screening: a quick test with a lasting impact

Peter Bray, Ph.D., Interacoustics’ OAE specialist, has more than 35 years’ experience when it comes to otoacoustic emissions...

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Titan tympanometer. Female clinician and young boy smiling to each other.

Pressurized OAE as part of your clinical test battery

The first tympanometers in the 1950s were not able to compensate for negative middle ear pressure. This is no longer the case. Today, compensating...

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Young woman standing in the Bertec CDP/IVR.

Interacoustics and Bertec®: Dizziness made treatable

In 2018, Interacoustics and Bertec® entered into a distribution agreement, in which Interacoustics will promote and distribute the Bertec® rehabilitation...

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Alejandro Lopez Valdes smiling.

Audiology in the future: Looking towards 2030

What does the future hold for audiology? Will clinical staff be needed for testing or will all testing be done online? Alejandro Lopez Valdes, Research...

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Male clinician and young female patient smiling to each other.

AD528: Celebrating 50 years of audiometry

AD528 is an air, bone and speech audiometer, and marks a new chapter in Interacoustics’ rich history within audiometry. Time changes an audiometer ...

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James Harte smiling.

Driving audiology

The Interacoustics Research Unit (IRU) is a story of innovation and applied research focused on clinical impact. IRU consists of a handful researchers...

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Laptop with OtoAccess Database software.

OtoAccess® Database

OtoAccess® Database streamlines data handling and is an ideal solution for the small clinic as well as the large hospital. The database enables...

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