Frontal picture of Søren Laugesen smiling.

Trends in hearing aid fitting

The hearing aid fitting landscape is changing, and likewise the trends we see in hearing aid fitting. In some parts of the world, the established private...

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Frontal picture of Sharon Cushing smiling.

Vestibular testing in children

Causes of vertigo and disequilibrium in children When we think about the causes of vertigo and disequilibrium in children, it can be useful to separate...

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Frontal picture of Kren Monrad Nørgaard smiling.

Acoustics research at Interacoustics

With an ambition to make a difference for people, Kren Monrad Nørgaard endeavors to build upon existing knowledge with enlightening research. Early...

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VNG goggle, vHIT goggle and laptop with vHIT software.

3 reasons why you should combine VNG and vHIT

1. VOR gain VOR gain is never the same when measuring at different points in time. It is therefore important to be able to analyze VOR gain under various...

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