Laptop with OtoAccess Database software.

OtoAccess® Database

OtoAccess® Database streamlines data handling and is an ideal solution for the small clinic as well as the large hospital.

The database enables the storage and seamless transfer of patient records and data. In addition, it offers a platform for integration with EMR and EHR systems.

OtoAccess® Database provides full product line support, being compatible with all Interacoustics solutions. As such, it is a scalable solution that can be used standalone or networked, according to the needs of the user.

Data complexity made seamless

According to Søren Bo Petersen, Senior Product Manager at Interacoustics, OtoAccess® Database eliminates the complexity of data handling:

OtoAccess® Database provides a paperless and efficient workflow, which minimizes the risk of human error and leaves more time for patient care.”

Modern and intuitive interface

The software upgrade does away with technical clutter and inefficiency, designed for easy implementation and navigation. A modern and intuitive interface ensures an ease of use and a short learning curve, exemplified by one-click features such as performing patient tests and previewing historic sessions.

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About the authors

Shane Seiger-Eatwell is a Master of Linguistics and Communication (cand.ling.merc.), having graduated from Aarhus University in 2018. He joined Interacoustics in January 2019 as a Marketing Communications Specialist.

Søren Bo Petersen, BSc Data Science and Data Technician, graduated from SDE College in 2005. Before joining Interacoustics in August 2018 to lead its venture within integration, Søren had 17 years of experience within IT and IT consultancy, also having held COO and CTO positions.
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