New Luna USB headset audiometer

Interacoustics is proud to release Luna, a new type 4 audiometer built into a headset. This industry-leading headset design provides a portable solution for easy and fast hearing screening of all age groups.

 With Luna, Interacoustics sets a new standard in audiometry screening. All you need to get started with your hearing test is a license key, patient response, and a Windows® tablet or laptop to run the software – and then of course your Luna USB headset with built-in audiometer.

 Lise Ebdrup, Market Development Manager at Interacoustics explains:

 “Luna is a real ‘plug-and-play’ audiometer. The calibration in stored in the headset, so as soon as you install the software and connect the headset to your laptop or Windows® tablet, you are ready to start testing your patient. And if you change your laptop or Windows® tablet, you can just plug your headset into another device – you don't need to calibrate your audiometer again.”

 Luna is delivered with three hearing tests (manual, automatic, random automatic) and offers both pure tone, warble as well as pulse tone. The random automatic test with the default seven frequencies only takes a minute to complete.

 All test results are automatically saved and can be printed or saved to PDF, or can be exported as XML file to send to electronic health records.

 Luna will be released to the global market at the end of January 2021, including the US.



Facts about Luna:

  • Type 4 audiometer in accordance with IEC60645-1
  • Comes with three hearing tests (random automatic, automatic and manual)
  • Offers pure tone, warble and pulse
  • Can run on Windows® tablet or PC
  • A random automated test takes about 1 minute to complete Weight of only 0.5 kg.

You can read more about Luna on the Luna product site

If you are interested in a quote, please contact your local distributor.

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