Propelling research at Interacoustics

With an ambition to make a difference for people, Kren Monrad Nørgaard endeavors to build upon existing knowledge with enlightening research.

Early into his career, Kren Monrad Nørgaard, an Industrial Ph.D. Student at the Technical University of Denmark and Interacoustics, has already published several papers with respected researchers within his field.

His Ph.D. project focuses on improving the accuracy of Wideband Tympanometry and Wideband Absorbance, which mainly characterize the conductive part of the auditory system. However, recent research has shown that this improved accuracy can dramatically improve the reproducibility and accuracy of otoacoustic-emission measurements as well.

- I really enjoy my research. My interest for developing better ear probes stems from my time as a master’s student. Back then, I was lucky to collaborate with Interacoustics in connection with my thesis, where I simulated the acoustics of ear probes used for otoacoustic emissions and other types of measurements.

Investigating calibration methods

After the conclusion of his studies, Kren was hired by Interacoustics and started off slow and steadily. His days consisted of reading scientific articles, looking at new calibration methods, filing patents and taking part in many in‑house projects.

- I spent most of my time performing measurements and figuring out the performance criteria ear probes should satisfy to produce more accurate measurement results for otoacoustic emissions, tympanometry and so forth. I also spent time on investigating underlying calibration methods and quickly realized that state-of-the-art methods weren’t entirely accurate. Not satisfactory to say the least, and this discovery inspired my Ph.D. project.

Enriching the scientific community

- Interacoustics’ solutions are heavily based on research. I therefore find it important that our methods are openly published and are endorsed by the scientific community.

Kren, who has reached the latter stage of his Ph.D., reflects on what his future holds.

- Interacoustics is a knowledge-based company where the individual employee’s wishes for future career development are always considered. When my Ph.D. project concludes, I imagine myself in a new role where I, in collaboration with the Interacoustics Research Unit and with external collaborators, can build upon my Ph.D.

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