Affinity Compact - the next generation of hearing aid fitting

The moment Interacoustics has eagerly awaited is finally here. The launch of Affinity Compact at EUHA 2019 is a reality. Affinity Compact is Interacoustics’ and the industry’s next generation of hearing aid fitting. Interacoustics proudly calls it ‘Clever made compact’.

Compact and modular

Affinity Compact is a compact and modular hearing aid fitting solution, both when it comes to software and design. Its flexible license structure is accompanied by four configurations, which follow a seamless upgrade path with increasing functionality.

Ole Lundsgaard, Senior Product Manager, Interacoustics, elaborates:

You can combine your own package of modules, with audiometry, REM, HIT and visible speech mapping to choose between. Each of the modules include licensed special tests as well. So, you can get exactly what you ask for, depending on your needs in your daily clinic.

The elegant design follows a clean desk philosophy, supported by mounting solutions for diverse placement and cable management.

Solid back bone

Affinity Compact runs on the proven Affinity Suite. Ole Lundsgaard, Senior Product Manager, Interacoustics, comments:

The unit is based on a solid and well-proven workflow. Building upon this, we have added new technologies vital to the coming generation of hearing aid fitting. Being able to provide such a piece of equipment to hearing care professionals and their clients is a thing I am very proud of.

Powerful software

In its real-ear measurement module, Affinity Compact can test up to an impressive 12.5 kHz, bringing more specificity at the high frequencies, where hearing loss is prevalent among hearing-impaired patients.

Other software items of note are the Hearing Aid Transition test, which enables match to previous aid target, and real-ear-to-coupler difference (RECD) for infants and small children.

Improve patient consultations

Combined with the clean desk philosophy, features such as customizable counseling overlays, Noah and OtoAccess® integration and listen to coupler all direct attention towards the well-being of the client.

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