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Affinity Compact: Five features you do not want to miss

Obviously, Affinity Compact has an abundance of features. I have handpicked five that are worthy of special note.

Ambient Noise

Your test environment should not compromise your ability to test. The Ambient Noise microphone remains active during your audiometric tests to give you an indication of the environment in relation to the thresholds you are storing. This gives you further confidence regarding the quality of your measurements ahead of making a diagnosis. Ambient Noise is ideal for the traveling clinician.

Perform audiometry up to 20 kHz

Audiometry is more than 250 Hz – 8 kHz. Hearing aids can perform above this range. As such, Affinity Compact can test up to 20 kHz, which is useful for early intervention, ototoxic monitoring, tinnitus matching and hearing aid fitting.

Free field adjustment

The free field adjustment feature uses a dedicated microphone and several stimuli to refresh the stimulation, ensuring you get a quality and accurate free field stimulus every time.

Hearing Aid Transition test

Take the frustration out of upgrading your clients’ hearing aids. Hearing Aid Transition measurements allow you to copy the performance of the clients’ old hearing aids, simplifying the upgrade process. Thus keeping the sound they like but giving them the new features that new technology brings.

Listen to ...

Simplify hearing aid fitting by hearing what the aid is doing in your client’s ear, so you can better understand his or her feedback. The clinical benefit is better fitting, happier clients and fewer follow ups.

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