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Affinity Compact: A look into hearing aid fitting development

Quality takes time and Affinity Compact is a good case in point. Ole Lundsgaard, Senior Product Manager, Interacoustics, takes us through the design process of Affinity Compact.

- It’s a sleek and modern device. It’s not the kind of product you make overnight.

A strong first comment from Ole Lundsgaard when we met him for a chat about the development of Affinity Compact. There is no doubt in Ole Lundsgaard’s mind that Affinity Compact is a top-notch product. However, when the decision was made to develop the new hearing aid fitting solution, he was aware they were bound for a long and exciting journey. He explains:

- Our process started with a heavy market investigation to make sure we developed a product that fits the market needs. We also aimed at combining innovation with an optimized workflow and a compact design. Requirements that were not always easy to combine, but which were sought after by the market.

The client's hearing aid fitting journey plays a vital role

During the initial design phase of Affinity Compact, one thing quickly became clear to Ole Lundsgaard and his team: it was important that the solution was appropriate for the entire client journey:

- When the client comes in, the hearing care professional must have all the tools available to conduct an audiometric assessment and on this basis decide which hearing aids are appropriate for the client. It is first at this point the actual hearing aid fitting takes place, in which counseling is a vital ingredient, Ole Lundsgaard asserts.

Affinity Compact is a complete solution as it can be used as a PC-based audiometer, after which the hearing care professional can use its real-ear measurement (REM), hearing instrument testing (HIT) and visible speech mapping (VSM) modules for hearing aid fitting purposes.

- As such, we have created an all-in-one-box solution that covers the entire client journey, Ole Lundsgaard notes.

A modern design for hearing aid fitting clinics

With Affinity Compact’s functionality in place, the next item on the agenda was its physical appearance.

- Our market investigations pinpointed that we had to create an aesthetic unit, Ole Lundsgaard explains and continues:

- From our market investigations, we learnt that hearing care professionals often want to provide their clients with a calm environment. And with its sleek design, Affinity Compact fits perfectly into a neat and tidy environment. We therefore wanted to develop a visually appealing product that is easy to maintain.

For Ole Lundsgaard and his team, the long and exciting journey has now paid off.

- Affinity Compact is a stunning and highly functional solution. But most importantly, it will enable hearing care professionals to improve the quality of life for those affected by hearing loss through better fittings, Ole Lundsgaard concludes.

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About the authors

Charlotte Ellemose Sonne is a Master of Linguistics and Communication (cand.ling.merc.), having graduated from Aarhus University in 2004. Before joining Interacoustics, Charlotte's working experience included, among other, a seven year stay at DONG Energy (now Ørsted) as a Language Specialist.

Ole Lundsgaard, BSc Electronics, graduated from the University of Southern Denmark in 1992. He has since gone on to collect more than 27 years of experience at Interacoustics, specializing in hearing aid analyzers, audiometers and tympanometers from the technical and strategic perspectives.
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