WBT - Wideband tympanometry

Adding even more power to the Titan

The revolutionary 3D dimension in middle ear diagnostics for easy and very reliable middle ear evaluations of infants, children and adults.

Analysis of the middle ear

With a simple probe “click” that covers the 226 to 8000 Hz range instead of a probe tone that only measures at 226 Hz, hundreds of tympanograms are visualized in an illustrative 3D landscape. With a single pressure sweep (as in traditional tympanometry) Wideband Tympanometry allows comprehensive analysis of middle ear status over a frequency range that includes the full speech spectrum.
Specific components of the recording can be displayed individually for ease of interpretation, such as the classic 226Hz tympanogram, the 1kHz tympanogram, an averaged WB tympanogram, the tympanogram at resonance frequency, and absorbance measures as a function of frequency.

Measures absorbance

The ability to measure absorbance is like having a “second opinion” in addition to a traditional tympanogram. It shows the acoustic energy absorbed into the middle ear as a function of frequency. Research shows that different middle pathologies effect the absorbance of acoustic energy into the middle ear in various ways. The clinician can compare the absorbance measurement with overlaid normative data and sketched examples of various pathologies.
Absorbance can be evaluated with some loss of predictive power at tympanometric peak pressure, or it can be recorded without applying air pressure to the ear which might be preferred post surgery.
WBT - Wideband tympanometry

One sweep: Multiple tympanograms

Differentiate pathologies with the aid of a powerful 3D image of tympanometric data across a full range of frequency and pressure. The power of a click alternative to measure at peak pressure.

3D graphs

Absorbance is revealed in a multidimensional graph that enables the clinician to have an immediate understanding of middle ear performance across frequency and pressure. Diagnostic interpretation is made easy with a clear map of middle ear function.

No extra skills required

WBT is easy and yet comprehensive. Differential diagnostics are made much more intuitive with the aid of overlaid normative data. Compare to illustrated examples of elusive pathology.

The power of a click

The Click stimulus unlocks the power of Multi-Frequency Tympanometry in the same time as testing a single frequency. The 3D result reveals information of middle ear performance at any frequency across a full range of pressure change.

Combine with OAE and ABR

WBT provides missing data about middle ear conductive issues that will enhance a diagnosis based either on OAE or Automted ABR alone.

A clear benefit

WBT streamlines middle ear diagnostics and provides accurate and specific measures across a comprehensive frequency range.
Titan with wideband tympanometry
Exclusively for Titan
a truly mighty and modular platform with ease of use

Benefits in children

Draw rainbows with WBT
  • 1.

    Multiple tympanograms
    Save time with fewer measurements. 226-1000 Hz in a single sweep
Multiple Tympanograms
  • 2.

    Improved sensitivity
    Improved accuracy over standard tympanometry
Improved sensitivity
  • 3.

    Stable and robust recordings
    Clear results with noisy children
Stable and robust recordings
  • 4.

    Know your type C tympanogram
    Know when OME is present in the middle ear
Know your type C tympanogram
  • 5.

    Seeing through pressure equalization tubes
    Examine the middle ear beyond the PE tube
Seeing through pressure equalization tubes

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