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Curso de Electrofisiologia Audical

12 - 13 Nov. 2018 - Montevideo, Uruguay
If you are looking for a comprehensive auditory electrophysiology update, then this is the conference for you.

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Advances in Auditory Electrophysiology

16 - 17 Nov. 2018 - New Orleans, United States
If you are looking for a comprehensive auditory electrophysiology update, then this is the conference for you.

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Vestibulær Diagnostik Personalekursus

16 - 17 Nov. 2018 - Nyborg, Danmark
Kurset henvender sig til personalet i ØNH-praksis og på sygehusafdelinger, der ønsker at erhverve sig en lidt dybere forståelse af VNG-området. Der vil være gennemgang af Interacoustics VNG-software, hvor der vil være mulighed for at se nogle tips og tricks. Der er ingen krav om forhåndskendskab til VNG-området. Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er d. 15. oktober 2018.

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Master Class: Mareos y Vertigo - Diagnóstico actualizado y su Tratamiento

19 Nov. 2018 - Four Points by Sheraton, Bogota, Colombia

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ORL 2018

21 - 24 Nov. 2018 - Santa Cruz, Chile

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REM Training

29 Nov. 2018 - Paris, France
Le but des sessions proposées par Interacoustics est d'apporter la meilleure formation pratique aux Audioprothésistes et leur permettre d'acquérir des méthodologies efficaces et performantes dans leur activité quotidienne.

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2 - 7 Dec. 2018 - Escuela Médico Naval, Cidudad de México
Tel. 5543132840, Mail: [email protected], Web:

Seminario Técnico Avanzado

3 - 8 Dec. 2018 - Mexico City, Mexico

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Application & technical seminar

28 Jan. 2019 - Middelfart, Denmark

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19 Feb. 2019 - Middelfart, Denmark
Sæt kryds i kalenderen d. 22. februar, hvor Interacoustics inviterer til audiometrikursus med fokus på grundlæggende audiometri. Kurset giver dig en grundlæggende viden om audiometri, herunder kendskab til maskeringsregler og brugen af audiometriens mange standardtests. Hvor det er relevant indgår cases.

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New perspectives in the Hearing Diagnostic and Perfect Fitting

1 - 5 Apr. 2019 - Colombo, Sri Lanka
This course is designed to walk through the latest evidence base and highlight the technologies and advances in this exciting area so that participants can return back to clinic practice with both an updated knowledge as well as the clinical skills to be in a position to further improve the hearing healthcare of their patients.

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Advanced Complete technical & application seminar

1 - 6 Apr. 2019 - Colombo, Sri Lanka

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  • 06 - 08:
    SFORL, Paris
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    AAO, Atlanta
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    EUHA, Hannover
  • 27 - 31:
    WCA, Cape Town


  • 01 - 03:
    HNO, Mannheim
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    BAA, Liverpool


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