Academy #SummerReads

Looking to learn something new in the summer?  Here's a suggestion from the Interacoustics Academy to improve your balance knowledge: Get the bac...

Which method to use for hearing aid verification? Aided Response or Insertion Gain?

Hearing aid verification using fitting systems has become very popular since the introduction of digital hearing aids. Real-ear measurements (REM) is ...

Which goggle do I choose for vestibular testing?

Do you also sometimes have difficulties finding your way through the jungle of goggle options for vestibular testing? This article gives you some hint...

New Micromedical Orion Rotary Chair for enhanced vestibular assessment

Interacoustics is excited about the release of a new reclining, rotary chair to evaluate bilateral peripheral vestibular weaknesses identified in calo...

All the experts are going to the XXX Bárány Society Meeting in June! Are you?

Are you going to Uppsala, Sweden in June? We are exited to be going to the big balance conference, XXX Bárány Society Meeting in June in Uppsala,...

5 tips to improve test results with Eclipse


This tip gives you some practical hints on preparations that can help you optimize test results when using the Eclipse for ABR, ABRIS and ASSR testing.

How to use EyeSeeCam vHIT to perform suppression head impulse (SHIMP) test

SHIMP is the latest test protocol for vHIT (suppression head impuse test). The SHIMP test allows you to determine the extent of vestibular function. E...

Why perform visible speech mapping?

Visible speech mapping (VSPM) is a method of showing the benefit of a patient's hearing aid objectively. Using visible speech mapping, you can show yo...

Interacoustics enters distribution agreement with Bertec

Interacoustics and Bertec Corporation, an international leader in force measurement technology for biomechanics have announced a new distribution agre...

New Viot Video Otoscope for high-quality images and video

Interacoustics is proud to announce the release of a new Viot TM video otoscope for sharp and high-resolution image and video capturing. The ergonomic...


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